Levelling Jobs / Classes

Apart from completing the storyline, there are many different things you can do in order to level:

  1. Always log out in a sanctuary (e.g. Mor Dhona, or in the Inn room at Limsa / Gridania / Uldah) to accumulate the rested EXP.
  2. Make sure your main class is ahead of your alts for the Armoury bonus.
  3. Ask your FC leaders to activate the Heat of Battle FC action. This can provide a 10-15% bonus to EXP in game!
  4. Guildhests offer a first-time completion EXP bonus for every job / class.
  5. Food!!! It only grants a small % EXP buff, but every little counts!
  6. Ensure that your Hunting Log is kept up to date (it updates every 10 levels). A great way to discover new areas and find FATEs at the same time!
  7. Beast tribe quests give a reasonable amount of EXP. Once you are flying (in Heavens Ward) these are really easy to complete.
  8. The Challenge Log can be a great source of EXP – a lot of the items to be completed almost ‘self-complete’ without you noticing as you progress.
  9. Levequests are useful up to Level 50 – however they are not great 50-60… we will see what Stormblood will bring! Be sure to run the highest-power ones you can efficiently finish. Remember: you can buddy-up with a friend and do them super quickly and efficiently!
  10. Roulettes – complete as many as possible every day!
  11. Dungeons: queue into the highest-level one available.
  12. FATEs: Always good for a bit of EXP to bridge the gaps between levels and progression – if you can party up with others in the same area, you can nuke them all together and quite rapidly.

Guides to levelling:

Guides to content:

  • Garland Data is great for organizing and keeping track of a lot of stuff at the same time. A complex, highly customizable interface allows you to put all your requirements into a list / page and keep track of it. Almost all game content has a listing: patch notes, achievements, limit break, weather…

Guides to Rotations:

  • FFXIV Rotations
    Theory crafting resource: A good resource for rotations for any class at any level.  You can also share your own rotations!