Gathering classes, also known as Disciples of the Land, harvest natural resources.

The 3 Gathering classes classes are (Links to levelling and other resources listed below):

  • Botanist (BTN) – harvests resources from the various flora and growth (plants and trees). The materials acquired can be used by carpenter, weaver, culinarian and alchemist crafting classes.
  • Fisher (FSH) – harvests fish and other sea creatures from the waters and clouds (!). The fish (and materials!) caught are mainly used by the culnarian crafting class.
  • Miner (MIN) – extracts minerals from grounds. The ores and gemstones acquired can be used by the blacksmith, armorer and goldsmith crafting classes.

All three are able to gather maps!

These can be unlocked by taking to talking to the Guild Receptionist in the Respective Guilds, once a Level 10 or higher in Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic has been attained.

Some useful links and resources are posted below:

  1. Best in Slot (BiS) Gear Guide
    Get geared up to the nines and meld sensibly with this useful guide!
  2. FFXIV Clock – Gathering Node Tracker (ALL)
    This is a fabulous gathering aid – it tells you precisely when and where a given node (or fish) can be obtained, allows you multiple selections so that you can plan your day, and additionally gives you an on-screen pop up and audio alert option! Plan your days of structured and targetted gathering here!
    Suitable for use with nodes and (some) fishes which are only available at specific times and/or weathers.
  3. Cat became hungry (FISHING)
    A fishing database!  A must-have bookmark for all budding fishermen/women out there!
    Fish: A list of all fish in the game – can be sorted by Name, Level or Patch.
    Timetable: Select the fish you require, then a timetable for you will be created – even taking weather into consideration!
    Location: View the fish available by location – want to spend a day fishing in one area? This is the guide you need!
    Skywatcher: Some fish are only avalable within certain weathers.
  4. Garland tools (ALL)
    (a) Garland Data is great for organizing and keeping track of a lot of stuff at the same time. A complex, highly customizable interface allows you to put all your requirements into a list / page and keep track of it.
    (b) Garland Bells is a timer for (mainly) gatherers
    (c) FFXIV Fisher is a resource for fishing: timers, weathers and baits.
  5. FFXIV Rotations
    Theory crafting resource: A good resource for rotations for any class at any level.  You can also share your own rotations!
  6. Gatherer’s Guide:
    A guide to Unspoiled Nodes, Ephemeral Nodes and Legendary Nodes (Regional Folklore)