Shinra is a Rank 8, Maelstom-allied FC with 74 (very) active members…. and not all just in the USA! There is usually numerous people on at all times of the day and night 🙂

We are very active, and have a wide range of members with differing gam foci: from crafts/gathering to raiding, dailies to extreme trials… I could go on, but there is little point…. Shinra is a great FC!

We are currently recruiting more members, so if you are interested, come and talk to us! or email us using the link at the bottom of this page. Please explore the menus to get more information…. if you cannot find what you are looking for (our website is still under construction), drop us an email, or speak to a member in game 🙂

What our members have to say about our FC:

“Friendly and there to help each other” Eden Starseeker

“I have really good memories. I helped saved Gil for the [FC] mansion… I helped people level their crafting. I made some great friends.” Lee Loo

“A home in Eorzea…. the other members are wonderful: helpful, kind, patient… and full of great advice!” Snow Whirl