Patch 4.4─Prelude in Violet Trailer is Now Live!

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The peace negotiations with Garlemald are seemingly in tatters, and the man posing as Zenos continues to sow strife and discord from the heart of the Empire. Yet not all eyes are fixed on Garlemald, for adventure beckons, and her clarion call is not so easily denied. Endure the trials of Omega and see the realm spared from destruction, or join forces with Genbu in his quest to quell the spirits of his auspice companions.

With all this and more fast approaching, we offer you a sneak peek with the Patch 4.4—Prelude in Violet trailer. But don’t stop there─the special site also offers a glimpse of the Shifting Altars of Uznair, brand-new Eternal Bond features, and a host of housing refinements such as mannequins and estate tags.

Visit the special site.